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SCA 2017 will take place at UCLA Math Sciences, Room 4000A, 520 Portola Plaza.

Program Overview

Technical Papers

Friday July 28

8:00am-9:00am         Registration

10:40am-12:00am     Papers I: SPH Fluids Session Chair: Chris Wojtan (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)

Density Maps for Improved SPH Boundary Handling

Dan Koschier (RWTH Aachen University), Jan Bender (RWTH Aachen University)

Fully Asynchronous SPH Simulation

Stefan Reinhardt (University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart Media University), Markus Huber (University of Stuttgart), Bernhard Eberhardt(Stuttgart Media University), Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgart)

Evaporation and Condensation of SPH-based Fluids

Hendrik Hochstetter (University of Siegen), Andreas Kolb (University of Siegen)

A Micropolar Material Model for Turbulent SPH Fluids

Jan Bender (RWTH Aachen University), Dan Koschier (RWTH Aachen University), Tassilo Kugelstadt (RWTH Aachen University), Marcel Weiler (TU Darmstadt)

1:30pm-2:30pm         Papers II: Fluids Session Chair: Bo Zhu (MIT)

Physically-Based Droplet Interaction

Richard Jones (Bournemouth University, Double Negative), Richard Southern(Bournemouth University)

Hierarchical Vorticity Skeletons

Sebastian Eberhardt (Technical University of Munich), Steffen Weissmann (Google), Ulrich Pinkall (TU Berlin), Nils Thuerey (Technical University of Munich)

A Positive-Definite Cut-Cell Method for Strong Two-Way Coupling Between Fluids and Deformable Bodies

Omar Zarifi (University of Waterloo), Christopher Batty (University of Waterloo)

Saturday July 29

10:40am-12:00am         Papers III: Kinematic Characters Session Chair: Gerard Pons-Moll (Max Planck Institute)

Authoring Motion Cycles

Loïc Ciccone (ETH Zurich), Martin Guay (Disney Research Zurich), Maurizio Nitti (Disney Research Zurich), Robert W. Sumner (Disney Research Zurich, ETH Zurich)

Emotion Control of Unstructured Dance Movements

Andreas Aristidou (Shandong University, University of Cyprus), Qiong Zeng (Shandong University), Efstathios Stavrakis (University of Cyprus), KangKang Yin (Simon Fraser University), Daniel Cohen-Or (Tel-Aviv University), Yiorgos Chrysanthou (University of Cyprus), Baoquan Chen (Shandong University, Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment)

Production-Level Facial Performance Capture Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Samuli Laine (NVIDIA), Tero Karras (NVIDIA), Timo Aila (NVIDIA), Antti Herva (Remedy Entertainment), Shunsuke Saito (Pinscreen, University of Southern California), Ronald Yu (Pinscreen, University of Southern California), Hao Li (University of Southern California, Pinscreen), Jaakko Lehtinen (Aalto University, NVIDIA)

ARAPLBS: Robust and efficient elasticity-based optimization of Weights and Skeleton Joints for Linear Blend Skinning with Parameterized Bones

Jean-Marc Thiery (Deflt University of Technology, Université Paris-Saclay), Elmar Eisemann (Deflt University of Technology)

1:30pm-2:30pm         Papers IV: Physics-based Characters Session Chair: Sheldon Andrews (Ecole de Technologie Superieure)

Augmenting sampling based controllers with machine learners

Joose Rajamäki (Aalto University), Perttu Hämäläinen (Aalto University)

Learning Locomotion Skills Using DeepRL: Does the Choice of Action Space Matter?

Xue Bin Peng (University of British Columbia), Michiel van de Panne (University of British Columbia)

Tunable Robustness: An Artificial Contact Strategy with Virtual Actuator Control for Balance

Danilo Silva (Federal University of Ceara), Rubens Nunes (Federal University of Ceara), Creto Vidal (Federal University of Ceara), Joaquim Cavalcante-Neto (Federal University of Ceara), Paul Kry (McGill University), Victor Zordan (Clemson University)

4:30pm-5:50pm         Papers V: Rigid Bodies, Chains & Trees Session Chair: Dominik L. Michels (Stanford, KAUST)

Rigid Body Contact Problems using Proximal Operators

Kenny Erleben (University of Copenhagen)

Long Range Constraints for Rigid Body Simulations

Matthias Mueller-Fischer (NVIDIA), Nuttapong Chentanez (NVIDIA), Miles Macklin (NVIDIA), Stefan Jeschke (NVIDIA)

Designing Cable-Driven Actuation Networks for Kinematic Chains and Trees

Vittorio Megaro (Disney Resarch, ETH Zurich), Espen Knoop (Disney Research), Andrew Spielberg (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), David Levin (University of Toronto), Wojciech Matusik (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Markus Gross (Disney Resarch, ETH Zurich), Bernhard Thomaszewski (Disney Resarch), Moritz Baecher (Disney Research)

Real-Time Interactive Tree Animation

Ed Quigley (Stanford University), Yue Yu (Stanford University), Jingwei Huang (Stanford University), Winnie Lin (Stanford University), Ronald Fedkiw (Industrial Light & Magic, Stanford University)

Sunday July 30

9:20am-11:00am         Papers VI: Cloth + Papers VII: Eyes, Elasticity & Time Series Session Chair: Changxi Zheng (Columbia University), Paul Kry (McGill University)

Inequality Cloth

Ning Jin (Stanford University), Wenlong Lu (Snapchat, Stanford University), Zhenglin Geng (Stanford Univeristy), Ronald Fedkiw (Industrial Light & Magic, Stanford Univeristy)

Modeling and Data-Driven Parameter Estimation for Woven Fabrics

Dave Clyde (University of California, Walt Disney Animation Studios), Joseph Teran (Walt Disney Animation Studios, University of California), Rasmus Tamstorf (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Real-time 3D Eye Performance Reconstruction for RGBD Cameras

Quan Wen (Tsinghua University), Feng Xu (Tsinghua University), Jun-Hai Yong (Tsinghua University)

MaterialCloning: Acquiring Elasticity Parameters from Images for Medical Applications

Shan Yang (UNC Chapel Hill), Ming C. Lin (UNC Chapel Hill)

The Discriminative Power of Shape: An Empirical Study in Time Series Matching

Kaustubha Mendhurwar (Concordia University), Qing Gu (Concordia University), Sudhir Mudur (Concordia University), Tiberiu Popa (Concordia University)


Attachment-Based Character Deformation

Nicholas Toothman, Michael Neff (University of California, Davis)

Automated Regression Tests for Character Animation Systems

Hubert Mohr-Daurat (Creative Assembly)

Comparing Traditional Key Frame and Hybrid Animation

Eric Ahlström, Lucas Holmqvist, and Prashant Goswami (Blekinge Institute of Technology)

Coordinating Full-Body Interactions with the Environment

Alain Juarez-Perez and Marcelo Kallmann (University of California, Merced)

Cubification and Animation of Artistic Shapes

Quentin Corker-Marin, Valery Adzhiev, and Alexander Pasko (Bournemouth University)

Human Grasping Interaction Capture and Analysis

Benjamin Verdier (McGill University), Sheldon Andrews (École de Technologie Supérieure), and Paul Kry (McGill University)

Marionette Show Using Quadrotors

Yongsung Kim (Seoul National University), Myung Geol Choi (Catholic University of Korea), and Jehee Lee (Seoul National University)

Motion Retargeting to Preserve Spatial Relationship between Skinned Characters

Taeil Jin, Meekyung Kim, and Sung-Hee Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Online Compression of Rigid Body Simulations using Physics-Inspired Interpolation

Timothy Jeruzalski, Eugene Fiume, Alec Jacobson and David I.W. Levin(University of Toronto)

Position-Based Multi-Agent Dynamics for Real-Time Crowd Simulation

Tomer Weiss, Alan Litteneker (University of California Los Angeles), Chenfanfu Jiang (University of Pennsylvania), and Demetri Terzopoulos (University of California Los Angeles)

Regression-Based Locating Landmark on Dynamic Humans

Deok-Kyeong Jang and Sung-Hee Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Sketch-Based 3D Hair Posing by Contour Drawings

Shogo Seki and Takeo Igarashi (University of Tokyo)

The Stretch-Engine: A Method for Adjusting the Exaggeration of Bipedal Characters Through Squash and Stretch

Zaid H. Ibrahim (Texas A&M University)

Understanding Spatial Perception and Visual Modes in the Review of Architectural Designs

Muhammad Usman, Brandon Haworth (York University), Glen Berseth (University of British Columbia), Mubbasir Kapadia (Rutgers University) and Petros Faloutsos (York University)

Volumetric Muscle Controller

Seunghwan Lee (Seoul National University), Nathan Mitchell, Mridul Aanjaneya, Eftychios Sifakis (University of Wisconsin - Madison) and Jehee Lee (Seoul National University)